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Being Jesus' hands and feet

Understanding what Christ has done for us, we believe that we are called to pursue acts of justice and compassion for the marginalized. We want the values of God's kingdom to transform our time, talent, and resources for the good of others. We want to honor God by working for justice on behalf of the least of these and by showing them His compassion through tangible acts of love.

Below are some local organizations that we currently partner with. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to reach out directly to the organization or to us at


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The Kids’ Breakfast Club (Hayward)

Donate funds to feed needy children in the City of Hayward. Hayward-specific restaurants curate and deliver food directly to the home residences via this 100% volunteer-based organization, filling gaps where the school district cannot feed them especially at this time. Each $5 donation would make and deliver 1 meal to a needy child in Hayward. 

La Familia

We recently put together backpacks for newcomers (new to the US) middle and high schoolers who will be starting school virtually in mid-August in the middle of a pandemic. 

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Project : Peace

More information to come about how we can participate with Project Peace.

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