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Reading the Scriptures together

Throughout 2023 we will be reading the New Testament together as a church. We will start with the Sermon Series in the Book of Acts. The Gospels are spread throughout the year, and books and letters by the same author are presented together for consistency. We have also arranged the letters of Paul in the order they were most likely written to highlight the apostle’s development of thought.


There are also some Psalm readings that are the heart-cries of God’s people. For believers on this side of the first coming of Christ, Christ fulfilled all such cries to God. Jesus is God’s definitive answer to the cries of His people. Looking to Jesus, we have full cause for confidence in God. If God did not spare His own Son, what can we ever possibly lack (Romans 8:32)? As you read the Psalms, make these prayers to God your own, and consider the ways these Psalms are good news–expressing the full range of our emotions, and ultimately bringing our minds to rest on the finished work of Christ on behalf of sinners.


Be Still

Find a quiet place where you can encounter God, ask Him to fill the space, your mind, your heart, and then take a minute in stillness. Focus on slowing your breathing down and calming your mind. Fix your mind and heart on spending time with Jesus who is the Word in the flesh; and invite the Holy Spirit to guide your time.



Slowly read through the passage for the day. Feel free to read through the passage again slowly. Look for one verse that stands out, grabs your attention, or interests you. Write out that verse slowly.



Taking your chosen verse, begin to meditate on it. What comes to mind? How does it make you feel? What do you think God was originally trying to say in this verse? What do you think God is trying to reveal to you through this verse? Allow him to speak to your heart, mind, and life situation. Write a short reflection on what you think He might be saying



Now, turn your focus outwards. Think about how you might be able to apply this to your day. Write down the one thing you’re going to try and live out.



Finally, close by writing a simple prayer of devotion to God. Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and commit your day to him.

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