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Part-time, 10 hours/week, 40 hours/month

Hayward, CA



Risen Church is looking to hire a part-time Church Administrator.  The Church Administrator will play an integral role in providing logistical support in the strategic initiatives of the church.  He/she will work closely with the lead pastor and church staff in the areas of general administration, communications, and logistical support.


This person should be organized, detail oriented, and enjoy taking on administrative tasks while growing in leadership and working with volunteers.


Who We Are

Risen is a church in Hayward, California, desiring to know God, be united to His love, life, joy, and find the purpose of our lives.


As a church in the San Francisco Bay Area, we love the Bay and see it as a place of mission and a part of God’s kingdom. We desire to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and work to bring the Gospel to Hayward and our surrounding community.


We don’t have all the answers, nor do we have it all together. Rather, we are imperfect people who are learning the way of Jesus. Our vision is to share Christ and to see disciples transformed by His truth and love.


General Administration:

  • Planning and coordinating facility usage with facility director.

  • Planning and announcement of church events (evites, food, setup, clean up, volunteers, etc.) 

    • Regular - Updating/Printing Sunday Bulletins, Coordinating Community Groups and related events, Intro to Risen classes and membership meetings, ministry leader and leadership training meetings, worship & prayer nights, Sunday morning prayers, monthly church lunches.

    • Annual - Church anniversary, Thanksgiving lunch, Christmas fellowship, Church-wide retreat.

  • Order church supplies 



  • Maintain, communicate, and train staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers on:

    • Risen Church event calendar

    • Risen’s digital files and databases, including: 

      • Risen’s Wiki page which provides all  instructions for Sunday volunteer teams.

      • Manage Risen’s Planning Center Online (PCO) by maintaining volunteer schedules to ensure smooth Sunday operational flow, users and permissions, church member records and directory.

      • Risen’s Google Drive

  • Draft, edit, and distribute church communications and correspondence (emails, newsletters, website, directories, etc.)


Connections Ministry

  • Maintain, update, coordinate, communicate, train, and align all staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers on:

    • Church directory

    • Newcomer Assimilation Process

      • Connection Points

        • First Time / Weekly Newcomers

        • Newsletter Sign Up

        • Newcomers Brunch

        • Intro to Risen 

        • Community Groups

        • Discord Onboard

        • Risen Kids

        • Women’s Ministry

        • Other informal Risen fellowship events

      • Connections Team

        • Monthly Team Nights/Meetings

        • Individual Check Ins

        • Growing/Discipling/Managing the Team

      • Connections Culture

        • Leading and Training the missional and discipling culture of Risen to the staff, elders, ministry leaders, and members at Risen.


Staff Meeting:

  • Staff meeting at least once a week. Possibly more.


Human Resources and Finance Support:

  • Liaise with the Finance team to process receipts/reimbursements as needed.


Qualifications and Skills

  • Alignment with Risen’s Mission, Core Principles, and Statement of Faith.

  • Proficiency in MS Office with expertise in MS Word/Google Docs PowerPoint/Google Slides and Excel/Google Sheets, and Google Forms.

  • Adept at learning and using new communications and database platforms such as Discord, PCO, Mailchimp, Wiki, Google Drive, etc.

  • Detailed, process-oriented, and able to effectively multitask, execute and follow-through in a dynamic ministry environment.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Team player and able to take constructive criticism, apply feedback, and grow as a Christian and in this role.

  • Ability to exercise discretion and confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information.

  • Proven work experience as an Administrator, preferably a minimum of 2 years in a similar role.

  • Available to attend scheduled meetings

  • Willing to attend Risen Church Hayward and willing to become a member.


Life in Hayward, California

Hayward is a beautiful tapestry of diversity, development, and culture. It is the fifth-largest city in the Bay Area and is recognized nationally for its enthno-racial and linguistic diversity. There is both a California State school and a Junior College in Hayward with over 35,000 students in attendance. Hayward has over 3,000 acres of open space and parks, attracting a growing number of families and professionals to the city and surrounding area. As with many growing cities in the Bay Area, there are many opportunities for us to partner and serve in our local community. 


Application Requirements

To apply, please email your resume to

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